Shaanxi Shangluo Zhashui Jiutianshan International

8km south of Zhashui County, Shangluo CityView on map

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Business hour:9:00-17:30
Open date:1月1日-3月4日
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The Zhashui Jiutian Mountain Ski Resort in Shangluo City, Shaanxi Province is located 8 kilometers south of Zhashui County in the southern foot of the Qinling Mountains. The total planned area of the ski resort is 10 square kilometers. The first phase has built a ski resort with a snowmaking area of 150,000 square meters and 3,500 sets of ski equipment. . One high-level road, one intermediate road, four primary roads and four training roads have been built. The highest peak, Yuhuangding, is 2483 meters above sea level. The vertical drop of ski trails is 350 meters. It is a ski training base built in accordance with international standards. A true alpine ski resort requires driving One hour and fifty minutes. It is a sports venue that integrates various outdoor ice and snow sports such as skiing, snow ring, snow play, snow appreciation, snow treading, ice waterfall watching, etc. The daily cycle can receive up to 10,000 people.

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Self-driving route:

1. Starting from Xi'an, from the Qujiang Interchange of the Ring Expressway to the Xizha Expressway to the Zhashui entrance and exit, the fee is 50 yuan. The total length from Xi'an to Zhashui County is about 65km, and it takes one hour to reach the Jiutianshan Ski Resort.

There are 17 large and small tunnels on the way, the longest being the "Qinling Zhongnanshan Highway Tunnel" with the reputation of "the world's first longest two-hole highway tunnel", "Asia's first highway tunnel" and "China's first long tunnel" ". In the tunnel you have 3 chances to watch the "blue sky and white clouds". The speed limit in the tunnel is 70km/h, and random parking is prohibited.

2. Walk forward from the exit of Zhashui to reach the town of Zhashui County, turn left and drive towards Zhen'an for about 8km, reach the mouth of Xialiang in Zhashui County at Jiangjiagou, 4km into the ditch to reach Jiutianshan Ski Resort.


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