Northeast Asia Ski Resort in Shenyang, Liaoning

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Business hour:日场9:00-16:00,14:00停止入场,夜场17:00-21:00,19:00停止入场。
Open date:景区暂时停业,详情请以景区公示为准;原开放时间11月24日-次年2月28日
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Northeast Asia Ski Resort is located in Shenyang National Forest Park in Magang Township, Xinchengzi District, Shenyang City, 28 kilometers away from Shenyang City. It is the largest ski resort in Liaoning Province with the most ski slopes. It also integrates tourism, fitness and entertainment, and leisure vacations. It is a large-scale leisure place. This is the remaining vein of the southern end of Changbai Mountain in the northeast, with high forest coverage. In winter, the mountains are covered with white snow, covered in silver, and cedars stand tall. Several ski trails meander down from the top of the mountain. While skiing, you can also enjoy the unique forest scenery.

The ski slopes of the Northeast Asian ski resort cover an area of more than 120,000 square meters, and an area of more than 50,000 square meters for playing snow. It is equipped with a slip ring field, an alpine ski field, a popular ski field, a lighted ski field, a ski teaching field, and a snowmobile field. , Sled field, sledge field, etc. There are also hotels and hotels for catering, accommodation and entertainment in the ski resort, as well as high, medium and low-grade accommodation and conference venues. The restaurants in the venue offer Sichuan, Cantonese, Liao and other cuisines, Chinese and Western fast food, and farm-style food.

The Northeast Asian ski resort is a member unit of the China Ski Association. There are dozens of national professional coaches stationed in the resort, who can provide professional guidance and training for tourists who come to ski. At the same time, the ski resort has established a ski school and a member club.

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Freestyle ski park
1. The Northeast Asia Ski Service Center provides ski equipment rental services. 2. The Northeast Asia Ski Service Center provides rental of ski suits, hats, helmets, goggles, armor, etc. 3. Lease time: 09:00-14:00. 4. Cost: (1) Free: You can get snow shoes, snowball fights, and ordinary skis with your ski card, and a deposit of 200 (the deposit must be paid in cash) (2) Charge: Advanced Road Cable car 50 yuan/person/all day, ski suit 60 yuan/person/all day, gloves 20 yuan/pair/all day, hat 20 yuan/piece/all day, can be paid by ski deposit card. Helmet 35 yuan/person/all day, goggles 35 yuan/person/all day, hip pads 20 yuan/person/all day, knee pads 10 yuan/person/all day, armor 50 yuan/person/all day, WeChat Alipay both Payable. 5. Location of ski equipment rental service center: in the ski hall of the scenic spot. 6. Special instructions: (1) Just return the skis to the rental point after skiing. (2) Only rented in Northeast Asia ski resorts. (3) Advance reservation is not allowed, and the number is limited.

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Lianhe Road-Shenyang Railway-Qingshuitai (turn right at 9 kilometers of National Highway 102)-Ma Gang Township (Shenyang National Forest Park Northeast Asia Ski Resort)

1. Forest bus line:  Opposite Gloria Hotel

2. Bus:

Route 328 from Maluwan to Xinchengzi (departures between 6:00 and 18:00 every day)

Route 326 from Wuai Market to Xinchengzi (departures between 6:22 and 16:00 daily)

Northeast Asia Ski Resort has a pick-up bus at Xinchengzi 328 terminal

From the long-distance bus terminal to the Northeast Asia ski resort, departure time, 8:00, 12:20, 16:00, the fare is 11 yuan, and the bus leaves every day

3. Free through train:

Daytime line 8:30 Tiexi Square Industrial and Commercial Bank large screen 9:00 in front of Telegraph Building in Municipal Square

Night skating line 16:00 Tiexi Square Industrial and Commercial Bank large screen 16:30 in front of the Telegraph Building in the Municipal Square


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