Hebei Chengde Yuanbao Mountain Ski Resort

136 Yuanbaoshan Street, Shuangluan District, ChengView on map

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Business hour:周一至周日 08:30-16:00,详情以景区公示为准
Open date:12月1日-次年2月28日,详情以景区公示为准
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Yuanbao Mountain Ski Resort is a subsidiary of Chengde Mingxing Ski Resort Co., Ltd. It is a large-scale comprehensive industrial company integrating fitness, catering, accommodation and entertainment. The ski resort is uniquely located in Chengde, one of China’s top ten tourist cities, and is close to my country. The existing larger royal garden-Mountain Resort is only 2 kilometers away. Towering green mountains, lingering green water, long history, and thriving culture. Apart from skiing, the beautiful natural scenery and rich cultural atmosphere will surely make you delightful. At the same time, the ski resort has convenient transportation, only 206 kilometers away from the capital, Beijing, and is surrounded by roads, railways and other transportation hubs. It is indeed an ideal resort for your leisure vacation, work relaxation, and home travel.

The ski resort hires experts to design and manage, with a large scale and advanced technology; the introduction of more advanced ski finishing machines, snow making machines and ski equipment.

The ski resort covers an area of 500 acres with a total investment of 220 million yuan. The slope area is 80,000 square meters. There is one high-level ski trail with a length of 800 meters; one intermediate trail with a length of 500 meters; a standard ski trail with a length of 300 meters is specially designed for beginners. There is also a snow circle road, a children's play area, and a ski room (covering an area of 2000 square meters). Meet your many choices. The second phase of the project: swimming pools, fishing ponds, guest rooms, etc., to provide you with diversified all-round services, which will surely allow you to come and return with pleasure.

The natural conditions of this resort are superior, the snow period lasts for 150 days, and it can accommodate more than 1,000 people. There is an 800-meter ropeway (the second phase of the project), allowing you to climb high and see far, and have a panoramic view of the famous tourist city.

In order to enrich the entertainment options of consumers, the ski resort has carefully launched a variety of dynamic tourism projects such as skiing, skating, grass skating, and slides, and arranged a trip to the scenic resort for you, allowing you to "ski in winter, outing in spring, Play in the water in summer", fully satisfy your audiovisual enjoyment. This ski resort is dominated by dynamic tourism, supplemented by sightseeing tourism. It combines dynamic and static, and is compatible with cold and warm. It provides you with visible, audible and tangible entertainment throughout the year.

The sky is blue, the mountains are lush, the water is soft, the snow field is white, and the service is high-quality. Yuan Baoshan has meticulously built a paradise on earth for you. What are you waiting for?

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You can take Line 5, Line 7, or Line 15 and get off at the gas station.


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