Beijing Nanshan Ski Resort

Shengshuitou Village, Henan Zhai Town, Miyun DistrView on map

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Business hour:12月2日-次年3月15日 09:00-16:30
Open date:日场营业时间:09:00—17:00;夜场营业时间:18:30—21:30
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Beijing Nanshan Resort is located in Miyun County, 62 kilometers away from Heqiao, with direct access to Beijing-Chengdu Expressway. It is a rare winter resort in Beijing and North China that integrates skiing, slides and other dynamic leisure and entertainment projects. It has a daily reception capacity of 5,000 people and has parking spaces. More than 2,000 are located on the northern slope of Nanshan Mountain in Miyun County, with excellent snow quality, magnificent scenery and pleasant climate.
Nanshan Ski Resort is the largest ski resort in North China. It has built high, middle and primary ski trails, 21 teaching trails and recreational ski trails, including the only "cat jump" (Mogul advanced trail), wave The practice track (Waves Slope) and the children’s snowmobile track have the first snowboard park in China—NANSHAN MELLOW PARK (Nanshan-Mellow Snowboard Park) and the first six-a-side snow football field in China. The famous "Yellow Snow Park" is a beautiful forest ski area, which has become a special venue for non-mainstream skiers in Beijing to train in the forest.
In terms of play, snow and entertainment, the German Weigang dryland sled (1318 meters slide) was introduced and built, and 9 viaducts and 1 100-meter tunnel were passed on the way. The whole journey is long, Canadian snow UFO, Korean sledge and American style Ropeway Snow Mountain Hang Glider and Children's Paraglider

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1. Nanshan Ski Resort Visitor Service Center provides ski equipment rental services. 2. Nanshan Ski Resort Visitor Service Center provides rental of snow suits, lockers, helmets, gloves, and snow goggles. 3. Lease time: 08:30-21:30 (Monday to Sunday). 4. Cost: Snow suit: 40 yuan/person/set, snow suit rental deposit 200 yuan/set, wardrobe: 10 yuan/piece, helmet: 20 yuan/piece, snow goggles 20 yuan/piece, gloves 5 yuan/pair , Only supports Alipay/WeChat/UnionPay/visa/master/cash payment. 4. Location of ski equipment rental service center: The service center is located in the center of the ski resort. 5. Special instructions: Deposit 400 yuan/person (cash) (refunded if returned without damage).

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1: Self-driving route of Beijing Nanshan Ski Resort:
Route 1: Jingcheng Expressway-16 Shunmi Road Exit (turn right after exiting the highway)-Nanshan Ski Resort
Route 2: Airport Expressway-Turn right around the island with the willow tree-Cross the Rainbow Bridge and turn left-Shunmi Road-Nanshan Ski Resort
Route 3: Airport Expressway-Turn right at Mapo intersection-Baima Road-Via Beijing Country Golf Course -Shunmi Road-Nanshan Ski Resort
Route 4: Airport Expressway-Open the roundabout and turn right-Jingmi Expressway-West Bridge turn right-Nanshan Ski Resort[3]
Self-driving: Route 1(35 Minutes): Jingcheng Expressway-Exit 15 Shunmi Road (turn right after exiting the expressway)-Nanshan Ski Resort Route 2 (65 minutes): Airport Expressway-Airport North Line-Shunyi Pinggu Exit (turn right)-Cross Chaobai River (Rainbow) Bridge) Turn left-Shunmi Road-Nanshan Ski Resort Route 3 (85 minutes): Jingshun Road-Willow Tree Roundabout (Go straight)-Open roundabout (Go straight)-Jingmi Express Road-Turn right at West Bridge-Nanshan Ski Resort
Getting by car
2: Bus route of Beijing Nanshan Ski Resort:
Take the "Dongmi Special Line" air-conditioned bus from Dongzhimen Coach Station to Xiqiao, 10 yuan /Person (every 5 minutes), take a taxi (10 yuan/car) to Nanshan Ski Resort of Shengshuitou Village.


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