Jilin Chagan Lake Ski Resort

17 kilometers from Yanhu Road, Chagan Lake, QianguView on map

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Business hour:8:00-16:00
Open date:12月15日-次年2月28日
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Chagan Lake, Mongolian for "Chagan Naoer", meaning a white holy lake, is located in Qianguoerluosi Mongolian Autonomous County in the northwest of Jilin Province. It is located in the water network area where the Nen River and the Huolin River meet. It is 37 from north to south. It is one of the ten largest freshwater lakes in the country and the largest inland lake in Jilin Province. It has a total water area of 420 square kilometers and an average annual water storage capacity of 700 million cubic meters. Chagan Lake is a national nature reserve, a national water conservancy scenic area, and a national AAAA-level tourist attraction. Chagan Lake Ski Resort is the only ski resort in western Jilin. The location of the ski resort is superior and the ski trails are reasonably designed, suitable for tourist skiing. Chagan Lake Ski Resort has a ski trail 500 meters long and 100 meters wide. Towing ropeway and a ski hall can accommodate 300 people skiing at the same time. You can also eat, live, and play one-stop; the main events are; skiing, snow ring, real-life CS confrontation, ice bike, skating car, etc.

    "Between the blue sky, white clouds and the blue water, the birds linger, the pampas grass flicks the fish and the waves, the wild lotus and the lotus blooms with smiles" Chagan Lake has four different charms in the four seasons. Chundeng Honghu Tower can enjoy the scenery in summer. Visiting Shengshui Lake is refreshing and pleasant, the history of autumn products touches the soul, and the best ice fishing in the world in winter. Chagan Lake has four seasons and four seasons are love! Chagan Lake, the pearl of the northern Saibei, is welcoming guests and friends from afar with open arms and smiles.


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Bus: Depart from Songyuan City Long-distance Bus Terminal, and the passenger terminal is 1,000 meters away from the ski resort (Every morning at 6:20, 10:55, 2:20 at the bus terminal)

Self-driving: Starting from Changchun, take the Changchun to Baicheng Expressway-get off at the exit of Xinmiao and Chagan Lake-enter Chagan Lake Scenic Area


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