Beijing Yunfo Mountain Ski Resort

Xiwengzhuang Town, Miyun District, BeijingView on map

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Business hour:全年 08:00-16:30
Open date:全年 08:00-16:30
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Yunfoshan Ski Resort is located on the south bank of Miyun Reservoir, Beijing's largest water source protection area. It is surrounded by mountains on three sides and has a beautiful environment. It is also a large-scale ski resort in North China. There are one high-level road with an international standard length of 1,000 meters, three intermediate roads with a length of 300 meters to 700 meters, four primary roads with a length of 100 meters to 300 meters, and a snowmobile road with a length of 600 meters. There is also a 1.5-kilometer-long cross-country fitness ski track jointly developed with foreign countries. It has also opened up a variety of recreational skiing projects, such as slip circles, horse-drawn sleds, dog sleds, and snow sculptures, suitable for skiers of all ages.

     Yunfoshan Ski Resort built a U-shaped snowboard trail in 2004. Snowboarding, as a popular amateur ski sport promotion, also promotes a healthy and fashionable lifestyle. In addition, the ski equipment hall here can accommodate 3,000 people to change their ski equipment and snow suits at the same time. In order to ensure the dryness and hygiene of snow suits and snow boots, a high-temperature steam sterilization drying room is built in the hall. Two 1,000-meter-long aerial ropeways can transport 3,800 people per hour. There are also more than 20 senior ski instructors on the spot, which can quickly improve skiing skills.

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Freestyle ski park
1. Yunfo Ski Resort Service Visitor Center provides ski equipment rental service. 2. Yunfo Ski Resort Service Visitor Center provides rental of snow suits, wardrobes, helmets, snow goggles, gloves, etc. 3. Lease time: 08:00-16:30 (Monday to Sunday). 4. Cost: Charges (Snow clothes: 40 yuan/set/time (free use of ski gloves once) Wardrobe: 25 yuan/time helmet: 30 yuan/time snow goggles: 20 yuan/time gloves: 5 yuan/time), only Support Alipay/WeChat/UnionPay/visa/master/cash payment. 5. Location of ski equipment rental service center: The service center is located in the center of the ski resort. 6. Special instructions: deposit 300 yuan/person (cash required) (refunded if returned without damage).

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High-speed route:

  1. Beijing-Chengdu Expressway-Miyun Station (Exit 16)-Go straight north-Mixi Road-Yunfoshan Resort-Yunfoshan Ski Resort (45 minutes in total)

2. Airport Expressway-Airport Expressway North Line-Jingcheng Expressway-Miyun Road (Exit 16)-Go straight north-Mixi Road-Yunfoshan Resort-Yunfoshan Ski Resort (45 minutes)

Economic route:

Sanyuan Bridge-Jingmi Road-101 National Highway-Open the roundabout-Miyun West Bridge-turn left across the bridge-go straight north-Yunfoshan Ski Resort (70 minutes in total)

Bus routes:

1. Dongzhimen Coach Station-987 Road-Yunfoshan Resort-Yunfoshan Ski Resort (120 minutes in total)

2. Dongzhimen Long-distance Bus Station-980 (Beijing-Chengdu Expressway)-Miyun Gulou-8 bus to Yunfoshan Resort / 987 bus to Yunfoshan Ski Resort (the whole journey is 70 minutes)


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