Jilin Yanbian Longjing Hailanjiang Ski Resort

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Business hour:8:00-16:00,详情以景区公示为准
Open date:12月中-次年2月底,详情以景区公示为准
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Longjing Hailanjiang Ski Resort is located on the Horseshoe Mountain on the banks of the Hailan River in Longjing City, Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, Jilin Province. It is jointly built by Yanbian Hualong Group and Yanbian University. It is a place in Jilin City that integrates tourism, fitness, sports, and leisure vacations. One large leisure place.

     Longjing Hailanjiang Ski Resort covers an area of 10 hectares with a total investment of 25 million yuan. It was completed and opened in December 2008. The ski resort has 3 ski trails for primary, intermediate, and cross-country. Among them, the intermediate trail is 370 meters, the primary trail is 300 meters, and there is a 60-meter-long snow circle trail. One double chair-lift travel ropeway and two telescopic pull-up ropeways have been installed, equipped with 2 latest imported snow machines, 1 multifunctional snow blower, and 2 snowmobiles, and are equipped for 500 people. Of ski equipment. In addition, there are ski entertainment projects such as snowboard, double board, snow circle, snowmobile, etc. for tourists to choose. There are ski shops, food shops, cafes, cafeterias, guest rooms, etc. in the comprehensive hall to provide tourists with a full range of services.

    Longjing Hailanjiang Ski Resort can also undertake competitions, training and other projects. Since its establishment, the "2008 Yanbian Arirang Ice and Snow Tourism Festival" has been successfully held on December 25, 2008, and Yanbian Education has been held on January 21, 2009. The Bureau and the Red Cross organized the "2009 Red Cross Youth Winter Camp in the prefecture". Not only is it a ski resort for people in winter, it is also a paradise for golf lovers in summer. The green course surrounded by 10,000 acres of orchards has a beautiful environment and pleasant scenery. The golf driving range has 20 playing positions, various equipment and supporting facilities. Sports and leisure here will make you refreshed and linger.

    The ski resort has an advantageous geographical location and convenient transportation. It is 11 kilometers away from the prefectural capital of Yanji City, 8 kilometers away from Yanji Airport, 6 kilometers away from Chaoyangchuan, and 2 kilometers away from Longjing City.

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Yanji Old Passenger Transport Station (to the direction of Longjing), get off at the Hailanjiang Ski Resort station. There is a ski resort sign on the west side of the road. Go westward at the intersection for 2.2 kilometers.


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