Jilin Yanbian Changbai Mountain Fairy Peak Ski Res

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Business hour:08:00-16:30 ,详情以景区公示为准
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Yanbian Changbai Mountain Xianfeng Ski Resort is located at the northeast foot of Changbai Mountain, with an area of 19102.23 hectares in the Bajiazixianfeng National Forest Park in Helong City, Yanbian Prefecture, Jilin Province. The scenery in the park is strange and beautiful, with strange peaks towering, rushing streams, and the top of the mountain all year round covered in clouds and mist, as mysterious and beautiful as a fairyland on earth. According to legend, Xianfeng is the place where Tathagata Buddha practices. It is also the best route between Yanji and Changbai Mountain for sightseeing. It is 97 kilometers away from Yanji City (only 1 hour by car) and 110 kilometers away from Changbai Mountain.

   The Yanbian Changbai Mountain Xianfeng Ski Resort project has been listed as a key project in the overall planning of tourism development in Jilin Province. In 2001, experts from the Canadian Exon Mountain Planning and Design Company were invited to visit the Xianfeng area and put forward a professional planning and design proposal. The Xianfeng area has a temperate semi-humid climate, with cold and snowy winters. The ice and snow cover period is as long as 6 months. The maximum snow thickness can reach 2 meters. The annual average temperature is about 1℃. It has good snow quality and other natural conditions. The best place for ski resorts.

   Yanbian Changbai Mountain Xianfeng Ski Resort makes full use of the snow and forest tourism resources in Xianfeng area to develop and construct ski resorts, comprehensive tourism service buildings, ski schools, 18 holes of golf, golf driving range, forest villas, recreation centers and other projects. And it is connected with more than 40 natural attractions such as the Sleeping Buddha Scenic Area, Taoist Temple Sites, Tianquan, Virgin Forest, Fairy Pond, and the country’s largest 14-kilometer rime viewing area, allowing you to fully enjoy the ecological forest charm. It will be built into a four-season tourist resort integrating leisure vacation, scenic sightseeing and comprehensive services.

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