Jilin Beidahu Ski Resort

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Business hour:08:30-16:30
Open date:全年无休
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Jilin Beidahu Ski Resort is located in Jilin City Sports Tourism Economic Development Zone. It is 53 kilometers away from Jilin City and 126 kilometers away from Changchun Longjia International Airport. The resort has Beidahu Ski Resort, Qiaoshan Beidahu Resort Hotel (5 star standard), Beidahu Asian Games Village Hotel (4 star standard), North America Time Holiday Apartment (under construction), etc. It is an international ski resort integrating tourism, leisure and vacation, competition training, and conference services.

       Beidahu Ski Resort has a unique natural advantage. The slopes are gentle and there are few steep cliffs. The main peak is 1408.8 meters above sea level, and there are 9 peaks above 1200 meters above sea level. The average temperature in winter is minus 10.2 degrees Celsius. The first snowfall day of a year is in late October, and the final snowfall day is in late April. The snow cover days are about 160 days. The snow cover is about 0.5 meters deep under the mountain, about 1 meter in the middle, and the area above 1000 meters above sea level can cover about 1.5 meters. Because the whole area is surrounded by mountains on three sides, the winter wind is small, sometimes similar to the calm wind, and the climate is more suitable. Therefore, Beidahu Ski Resort can fully meet the requirements of alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, ski jumping, free skiing, modern biathlon, snowmobiles, and sleds. Wait for the construction requirements of the snow project site to reach the level of the international snow competition venue.

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The hotel has more than 150 guest rooms and more than 300 beds. The hotel has a press release center with a capacity of 150 people, various conference rooms, and entertainment centers, massage rooms and other recreational projects. The overall environment is warm and comfortable, romantic and elegant, making it an ideal place for your sports, leisure, vacation and sightseeing. Edit remove add facility

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Beidahu Ski Resort has convenient transportation. It is only 40 kilometers away from the city center of Jilin City. There are various modes of transportation such as train, plane, and self-driving. There is also a ski shuttle service.

Self-driving can take the expressway to Shenyang. At this time, there are two options: one is to take the Shenha Expressway to Changji Expressway to Jilin, and then from Jilin to the entrance to Wulihe (that is, the entrance to the ski resort) A town at the mountain intersection), the second is to take the Shen-Ji Expressway (372.714 kilometers in length, about four and a half hours by car) to Meihekou and then to Huadian and then to Wuli River. The two are similar in time, the latter is the distance It should be short, but ordinary roads are longer. Although there are more high-grade roads, the road conditions in some places are relatively complicated. The advantage is that there are fewer passing vehicles.


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