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Business hour:早8:00-晚6:00,详情以景区公示为准
Open date:12月17日~2月27日,详情以景区公示为准
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Qingliang Mountain Ski Resort is located in the Jingxing mining area of Shijiazhuang, covering an area of about 700 acres, only 48 kilometers away from Shijiazhuang urban area, with an investment of nearly 50 million yuan. It is one of the largest outdoor ski resorts in North China with the most complete equipment. Since it was completed and put into operation in November 2003, it has successfully held two "China Shijiazhuang Ice and Snow Tourism Cultural Festival", receiving 150,000 people of skiing enthusiasts, and providing an excellent place for the people of the provincial capital to travel in winter. Good economic and social benefits.

  Qingliangshan Ski Resort has three 100-meter-wide ski trails for elementary, intermediate and advanced levels. The snow area alone is 170,000 square meters and can accommodate 3,000 people for skiing at the same time. For safety reasons, the most user-friendly and dedicated ski trails have been opened for children and junior ski enthusiasts, and the "Qingliang Mountain Ski School" has been opened to hire dozens of professional ski instructors to impart skiing knowledge and skills. In addition to skiing, there are also snow UFOs, snowmobiles, bicycles, horse-drawn sleds, zorbs, skating and other projects to meet the needs of tourists of different ages and classes. In addition, the various service facilities of Qingliangshan Ski Resort are supported by Jackie Chan, including hotels, restaurants, cafes, gyms, VIP rooms, baths, etc., which can provide guests with meticulous star service.

In order to welcome the 2008 Olympic Games and for the extensive and in-depth development of national fitness activities, Qingliangshan Ski Resort has decided to make a profit of 1.5 million yuan in the 2007-08 snow season, popularize and promote skiing throughout the province, and strive to use skiing in three years. Noble sports became the favorite of ordinary people.

  Skiing is the perfect combination of courage, strength and wisdom. Elegant, tense and exciting skiing will bring you into a silver fairy tale world.


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①In the city, take No. 6, 19, 30, 32, 43, 51, 55, 99 and get off at Yucai Yuhua Intersection

②In the city, take bus No. 2, 18, 41, 92, 112, 131, 132, 148 and get off at Jianhe Bridge North;

③Get off at No. 89, No. 102, and No. 110 Lantian Shengmu Station;

④ Get off at No. 106, No. 132 Qingyuan Street North Exit Station;

1 Ring 1 Ring Road, 1 Ring 2 Ring Road, 4 Road, 5 Road, 21 Road, 26 Road, 88 Road, Express 21 Road and get off at Mianwu Community Station


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