Jilin Mingshan Oasis Ski Resort

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Business hour:8:30-16:00,17:30-21:30
Open date:11月29日-次年3月15日
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Mingshan Oasis Ski Resort is located in the Mingshan Oasis Ecological Manor, Jilin City. The maximum snow slope of Mingshan Oasis Ski Resort is 192 meters, the thickness of snow can reach 0.5 meters to 1.5 meters, and the snow accumulation period can last for 140 days. The ski resort has modern large-scale snow-making machines and branded ski equipment, as well as professional ski instructors. It is an ideal venue for comprehensive skiing events and the best ski resort for ski enthusiasts. There are advanced trails, intermediate trails, and junior trails in the ski resort. Roads, snow circle roads, ice rowing roads, snowboard parks, etc., can meet the needs of skiers of different levels.

At the same time, the ski resort is also equipped with ropeways, large and small tows and other supporting facilities to provide maximum convenience for ski lovers. Mingshan Ski Resort is the first in Jilin City to use a new concept to graft the green ecological park into the supporting facilities of the ski resort, so that skiers can not only experience the fun of skiing, but also feel the green southern customs, thereby improving skiing The grade of the field.

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Freestyle ski park
1. Jilin Mingshan Oasis Ski Service Center provides ski equipment rental services. 2. Jilin Mingshan Oasis Ski Service Center provides rental of ski suits, knee pads and elbows, gloves, hats, wardrobes, etc. 3. Rental time: 09:00-16:00 (Monday to Sunday). 4. Cost: ordinary knee pads and elbows 30 yuan/person for 3 hours, 40 yuan/person all day; advanced knee pads and elbows 40 yuan/3 hours, 55 yuan/person all day; snow suit 50/day; gloves and hats 50 yuan/ Days, 50 yuan per locker. Support WeChat Alipay, no deposit is required. 5. Location of Service Center: Located at the main entrance of Mingshan Oasis Ski Resort, the most convenient to reach. 6. Special note: just return the ski to the rental point after skiing. It can only be rented in Mingshan Oasis Ski Resort. Advance reservation is not possible, and the number is limited.

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1. Take No. 106 (or No. 6), get off at Qinglin Street Station, and walk to Mingshan Oasis Ski Resort

2. Take No. 6, get off at Wenhua Palace Station, take No. 18 sub-line, get off at Tiantai Station, and walk to Mingshan Oasis Ski Resort

3. Take No. 11, get off at Jinzhou Street Station, take No. 44, get off at Longdong Community Station, and walk to Mingshan Oasis Ski Resort


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