Shaanxi Ankang Qinling Four Seasons Ski Resort

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Business hour:9:00-22:00
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The Qinling Four Seasons Indoor Ski Hall is designed to make full use of the existing mountain terrain, organize multi-level green spaces, and integrate humanities and natural landscapes, sports and leisure tourism. This project fills the gaps in ski sports venues in western my country, allowing you to feel the pleasure of skiing in winter in any season.

Away from the hustle and bustle, plunge into the embrace of nature, flutter in the ski resort, the snowboard is volley, the slopes are crisscross, you will experience the thrills, excitement and fun of skiing, bringing unexpected emotions and great enjoyment of nature. It makes people feel relaxed and happy, chic and passionate, and fully experience the unique ice and snow charm of Northland.

Qinling Four Seasons Ski Resort is a four-season ski resort in Northwest China. It features indoor skiing and relies on snow resources. It is a sports and leisure theme pavilion integrating entertainment, conferences, outreach training and skiing schools. The ski area is nearly 10,000 square meters. The main ski track is more than 200 meters long and 40 meters wide. The transportation system is a magic carpet with a length of 200 meters. It is divided into snowboard, snowboard and snow circle areas. The annual temperature is -5℃. Qinling Four Seasons Ski Resort uses advanced artificial snowmaking and refrigeration technology, and its core snowmaking equipment is selected from well-known manufacturers. In the hot summer, the snow can still be more than 1 meter thick, and the ambient temperature is always below zero. About three degrees, the professional ski slope design meets the needs of human motor function. At the same time, there is a children's snow and ice play area of 1,000 square meters to meet the needs of ski enthusiasts of all ages, while ensuring that ski enthusiasts can enjoy all seasons The infinite fun of skiing, advanced electronic toll collection system, reasonable timing method, and high-quality and considerate all-round services allow skiers to enjoy more humanized care.

Qinling Four Seasons Ski Resort has a strong lineup of professional ski instructors, who can provide you with standardized and detailed guidance on movements and techniques, a standardized teaching system, and "it only takes two hours to learn to ski."

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Self-driving route:

Route 1: Departing from Xi’an: Xi’an→Nanguangji Street→Youyi West Road→Taibai North Road→210 National Road→Scenic Area.

Route 2: From Ankang City: Ankang→Huanggou Road→Ankang Avenue→G7011 Shitian Expressway→G65 Baomao Expressway→102 Provincial Road→210 National Road→Scenic Area.

Bus route:

Take the Xi'an-Guanghuo Street-Xunyangba bus at the Chengnan Passenger Station, buy a ticket for Guanghuo Street, under the iron bridge (you need to make up for a ticket of 5 yuan).


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