Jiucheng Mountain Bijie Ski Resort, Liquan, Xianya

2 km northbound from Yuanjia Village, Yanxia Town,View on map

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Business hour:9:30-19:00
Open date:预计12月中旬营业
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Xianyang Jiucheng (zong) Mountain Bijie Ski Resort is located 3 kilometers north of Yuanjia Village, the "Guanzhong Impression Experience Site", at the foot of Jiucheng Mountain to the north of Yanxia Town, Liquan County, within a half-hour economic circle of Xixian County, 312 National Highway, Fuyin Expressway, and Longhai Railway are within easy reach. Provincial Highway 107, Guanzhong Dahuan Line, Liquan Tourist Avenue, and Tang Zhaoling Tourist Special Line all pass nearby. The transportation is very convenient. Yuanjia Village is currently the most popular rural tourist attraction in the province and even the whole country. When you walk into Yuanjia Village, you will see the original picture of Guanzhong farm life in turn. When skiing in the Jiucheng Mountain Ski Resort, the panoramic view of Yuanjia Village can be seen.

The Jiujun Mountain Yuanjia Village Snow Field covers an area of nearly 100,000 square meters, with 3 middle and primary ski trails open, 1 snow circle road, 1 magic carpet, and snowboard parks open simultaneously; 1 ground towing cable and tourist transportation There are 2 supporting equipments, 10 imported snow-making machines, a large Guanzhong impression-style ski hall covering an area of 4000 square meters, equipped with more than 1,000 sets of imported ski equipment, and a full electronic toll collection system. It is currently the largest and largest facility in Xianyang. The most advanced ski resort and entertainment center with the most complete types of ski trails, the most unique feeling, and the closest to the city. We also have a number of professional ski instructors, who will use professional and caring services to make you a ski master as soon as possible and experience the speed and passion in the world of ice and snow. Yuanjia Village-Jiucheng Mountain Ski Resort is definitely your best choice.

We will continue to open various play snow projects for you, open play snow parks, etc. Xianyang Jiucheng Mountain Ski Resort will let you have a different ski trip and give you a different winter! See you in Xianyang Liquan-Jiucheng Mountain Ski Resort this winter!

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Locker 10 yuan/piece Equipment deposit 300 yuan/person (must be paid, refunded after returning the equipment) Snow suit rental 30 yuan/set Parking is free

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Self-driving route:

From Xi'an City: About 66.5 kilometers, about 1 hour and 18 minutes. Route: (Take the Xi'an Ring Expressway and get to the Fuyin Expressway at the Liucunbao Interchange) Take the Fuyin Expressway from the Liucunbao Entrance --- get off the expressway from Zhaoling/Xingping/G312 exit, turn slightly to the right onto the ramp, and follow Drive 1.1 kilometers on the ramp, towards Zhaoling, turn right into X214, drive 10.4 kilometers along X214, turn right; drive 970 meters, turn left; drive 580 meters, you will reach Jiucheng Mountain Bijie Ski Resort.

Route 1: Xi'an-Shang Airport Expressway (Fuyin Expressway)-Exit Zhaoling-7 kilometers eastward-to Yuanjiacun (No. 1 Expressway, recommended route)-go straight for 5 minutes-Yuanjiacun Bijie Ski Resort.

Route 2: Xi'an-Century Avenue-Xianyang-Mazhuang-Qiandong-Beitun-Yanxia Town-Yuanjia Village (county-level highway, not recommended)-go straight for 5 minutes-Yuanjia Village Bijie Ski Resort.

Route 3: Xi'an—Airport Expressway (Fuyin Expressway)—Exit Zhouling—Qiandong—Fenghuo Town—Yanxia Town—Yuanjia Village (combination of high-speed and county-level highways, not recommended)—Go straight for 5 minutes—Yuanjia Village Bijie Ski field.

Route 4: Xi'an City-West Second Ring Road-Xi'an Expressway-West Third Ring Road-Liucunbao Toll Station-Xingping and Zhaoling Exit-Turn right and go straight-Yuanjiacun Guanzhong Impression Experience Site-go straight for 5 minutes-Yuanjiacun must Czech ski resort.

Bus route:

Method 1: Xi’an Chengxi Passenger Transport Station has a direct bus to Yuanjiacun, two buses in the morning and evening: 10 am 3:10 pm

Method 2: Take a bus to Xianyang South Station, there is a direct bus to Yuanjiacun, Xi’an Chengxi Passenger Transport Station, take No. 59 to Xianyang South Station


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