Heilongjiang Harbin Yuquan Xingwang Ski Resort

Yuquan Town, Acheng District, Harbin City (under tView on map

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Business hour:开放时间12月2日-次年3月1日8:00-16:00.
Open date:待定
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Harbin Yuquan Ski Resort is located at the foot of Yuquan Mountain, with beautiful scenery, spectacular and charming, and is the best place for tourists.

Xingwang Ski Resort was established in 2002 and has many years of rich management experience and coaches with high-quality services.

The service tenet and philosophy of Xingwang Ski Resort: service first, safety first, customer first, make customers happy and come back with satisfaction, and create greater glories for us.

Xingwang Ski Resort has a total length of 1,500 meters and a total area of 70,000 square meters. Xingwang Ski Resort has two high-level tow ropeways and a ski loop with a length of 150 meters. The ice rink is more than 400 square meters. Xingwang Ski Resort has a gentle slope, 70 meters wide and 500 meters long, with alpine ski trails and cross-country ski trails. With a snowmaking area of 10,000 square meters and a comprehensive service area of more than 100 square meters, it is a ski resort with complete service facilities integrating skiing, amusement, sightseeing, and dining.

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There are three ski resorts with a length of 400 meters, a width of 60 meters and a slope of 10 degrees, as well as ski equipment such as drag ropes, snowboards and ski suits, as well as 6 snowmobiles, sleds and dog-pull climbing pears.

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To Yuquan Ski Resort, you can take the train to Harbin East Station and Xiangfang Station. The trains are: K479, 6225, K637, departure time: 7:50, 7:40, 14:43, journey: 55 kilometers, fare: 6 yuan. In addition, you can take a bus at the bus terminal. There are buses all day, every 40 minutes. The journey to Yuquan Ski Resort is still 55 kilometers and the fare is 10 yuan;

Accommodation: There are hotels in the ski resort.


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