Heilongjiang Yabuli Ski Resort

Yabuli Town, Shangzhi City, Harbin City, HeilongjiView on map

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The skiing grounds are located in a moderately temperate zone with a humid monsoon climate. The temperature in Yabuli during the day is around -16℃. The snow quality is granular snow, and the deepest snow can reach more than 1 meter. The annual snow cover period is 150 days, and skiing is possible from the beginning of November to the end of April of the following year.

Yabuli Ski Resort is affiliated to the Heilongjiang Provincial Sports Bureau and is currently the largest comprehensive ski resort in my country that receives ski tourism and ski athletes training competitions. It is the first batch of "SSSSS"-class tourist ski resorts in the national "AAAA" scenic area. The winter training base of the National Polar Scientific Research Office is also located here. Since the establishment of the base in 1984, it has received 29 batches of scientific investigations in Antarctica. The personnel conduct winter training. In 2003, the China Disabled Persons’ Federation established the China Disabled Winter Training Base in Yabuli Ski Resort, and the China Ski Association also set the Heilongjiang Yabuli Ski Resort as a domestic ski training base.

Heilongjiang Yabuli Ski Resort has many junior, middle and advanced ski trails. The fully automatic and semi-automatic hybrid snowmaking system covers all the slopes with a length of 12,460 meters and an area of 431800 square meters; 6-seater cabin towed, double chair lift, and single chair lift for your choice; complete supporting service facilities and a star Three-level hotels, including Chinese and Western restaurants, bars, shopping malls, business centers, conference centers, etc.; 2000 square meters training hall and 2,400 square meters ski hall, which can provide you with indoor tennis, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, etc. The full range of fitness equipment and other leisure sports services is an ideal place for leisure vacations, sightseeing, and meetings.

The entire ski resort is surrounded by mountains, dense forests with thick snow and spectacular scenery. The main peak of Guokui Mountain, San Guokui, has been turned into a large tourist ski resort. Da Guokui and Er Guokui were once the third Asian Winter Games track and are now the training base for national skiers. The Yabuli Ski Resort has very complete facilities, with 11 junior, middle and advanced ski trails in total. Its alpine ski trails are the longest in Asia.

Heilongjiang Yabuli Ski Resort has international standard venues, venues and ancillary facilities, including alpine skiing venues, K90m ski jumping venues, K125 ski jumping venues, snowboard (U pool) venues, cross-country skiing venues and biathlon skiing venues get international skiing Certification and accreditation by the Federation (FIS) and the Biathlon Union (IBU). The Yabuli Ski Resort has the conditions to bid for the Winter Olympics snow events.

Yabuli Ski Resort has hosted the Fifth National Winter Games, the Seventh National Winter Games, and the 10th National Winter Games snow events with the perfect venue facilities, and the third Asian Winter Games and the Fourth Asia In February 2009, the snow event of the "24th World University Winter Games" was successfully held here in the snow events of international events such as the Junior Alpine Ski Championship.

Olympic Athletic Command Center: It uses an area of more than 10,000 square meters. It was built to serve the 24th University Winter Games in 2009, and it also provides a quasi-four-star recreational place for skiing, sightseeing, and vacation guests. Yabuli is a comprehensive ski resort that can not only receive tourists on vacation, but also has the qualifications to host international A-level competitions: alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, freestyle skiing, snowboarding, biathlon, nordic biathlon, free competition Saidu has been certified by the International Snow Federation. Alpine ski trail: It is the first ski trail in China. The longest ski trail has a total length of 5 kilometers and a cumulative length of 50 kilometers. The length of a single trail can be as long as 5000 meters, which can fully satisfy the difference between junior high school and advanced skiers. Requirement, among which the big pot and two pots can be used for high mountain competitions.

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Highway: The ski resort is only 18 kilometers away from Harbin to Suifenhe National Road 301, and the highway bus from Harbin to Yabuli Town goes back and forth several times a day; in addition, trains from Beijing, Shenyang, Dalian, Harbin and other cities to Mudanjiang stop at Yabuli Station .

Self-driving: It takes about 2 and a half hours to arrive

Take the intercity train from Harbin Railway Station to Yabuli Town.

Take the tourist shuttle bus from Longyun Passenger Transport Station opposite Harbin Railway Station to Yabuli Town, and then transfer to a minibus to Yabuli Ski Resort.

Take a minibus from Yabuli Railway Station to Yabuli Ski Resort in about 20 minutes.

Take a luxury bus from Harbin Railway Station to Yabuli Station for 3 hours

5 minutes by bus from Yabuli South Station to the ski resort

Take the train from Harbin directly to Yabuli South Station (outside the mountain gate of the ski resort)


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