Beijing Chaoyang Park Yabuloni Ski Resort

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Beijing Chaoyang Park·Yabloni Ski Resort is operated and managed by professionals with rich experience in the international tourism ski industry, providing safe and comfortable services for ski lovers. The ski resort has excellent snow quality and good wind shelter. The skiing period is from December to March of the following year. It can provide ski resorts with a full range of high-quality services for skiers.

       International experts are responsible for the design and supervision, imported and equipped with imported advanced snow-making machines, ski leveling equipment and more than 2,000 sets of world-famous brand ski equipment. It is the designated training base for the Jilin Ski Team. The ski school in the ski resort has 26 international and national-level well-known instructors. The ski area has three ski trails for children and adults, junior and intermediate. The ski trail covers an area of about 20,000 square meters with a drop of 10-15 meters. The towing ropeway is convenient for tourists to quickly reach the peak of the snow-capped mountain.

Beijing Chaoyang Park·Yabloni Ski Resort! There are also entertainment projects such as snowmobiles, sliding tires, snow tug of war, and snow football. At the same time, in order to meet the entertainment needs of children, the ski resort has set up a special children's area and opened a play snow park with children's amusement projects such as building snowmen, snowball fights, and skiing. There will also be an exhibition of snow sculpture works in the resort, all works by famous teachers

     Beijing Chaoyang Park·Yabloni Ski Resort is designed and produced. It is as white as jade and crystal clear, allowing you to experience another style in the world of snow. In addition, the venue has a sunny restaurant, cafe, lounge and other supporting projects. Tourists provide better services。

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It's very convenient to get here by car. There are direct buses from bus companies in all districts. The bus routes are:

East Gate: 740, 753, 840, 952, 976, 988, and get off at Dashanzhuang on Express Line 111. South Gate: 703, 750, 705, 731, 758, 754, 729, 302, 350, 406, 406 Branch, 831, 834, 976, 988 and get off at the south gate of Chaoyang Park. West Gate: 419, 710, 752, 852, 985, Xiao6, Xiao57 and get off at Chaoyang Park West Road. North Gate : Get off at Yaokou Station on Line 402, 420, 413, 418, 909, 953, 710, 757, 852, Yuntong 107.

If you are driving by car, you can go east along Liangmaqiao Road from Lufthansa Friendship Shopping Center to a distance of 150 meters from Dongfeng Bridge, or go directly along the Liangma Bridge exit of the East Fourth Ring Road and take the auxiliary road 50 meters west of Dongfeng Bridge.


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