Jilin Temple Xiangshan Ski Resort

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Business hour:08:30-16:00
Open date:冬季
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Changchunmiao Xiangshan Ski Resort is located in Ponihe Town, Jiutai City, Jilin Province. It is located in the core areas of Changchun, Jiutai and Jilin. It is the largest nursery stock and flower distribution center in Northeast China. It is a must pass for the royal family to travel eastward to escape the summer heat and hunt and worship the ancestors of Baishan. It has been included in the "Key Construction Projects of the Master Plan for Characteristic Development of Changji Map" and "Key Construction Reserve Projects of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan of Jilin Province". The project has attracted great attention from the provincial and municipal governments.

The main peak of Miaoxiang Mountain Ski Resort is the highest peak nearest to Changchun. The highest altitude is 497 meters, the maximum drop is 225 meters, and the natural ecological coverage rate is as high as 87%. The annual ice and snow cover period is 4 months. The ice and snow tourism resources are extremely rich. Long, good snow quality, suitable temperature, unique natural geography and climate conditions are not only suitable for ice and snow sports, but also suitable for the development of tourism projects and real estate projects.

The Miaoxiangshan Ski Resort is planned to cover an area of about 7 square kilometers and will introduce the world's most advanced hardware facilities and management models. After completion, it will become an international ski resort with international advanced facilities that integrates tourism, teaching, training and competition. The ski resort is planned to be developed in three phases, and consists of two functional areas, an alpine competitive ski area with international standards and a tourist ski area. The ski trails of the ski resort are planned and designed by Canada Jiawei Company. It is planned to develop two-sided cross-country ski trails and nine-sided alpine ski trails. After completion, the total length of the ski trails will be nearly 17 kilometers. After the third phase of the project is completed, there will be alpine skiing and cross-country skiing. , Snowboard parks and other international snow competition venues, with the function of undertaking international skiing events and training and receiving tourist skiing.

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Miaoxiangshan Ski Resort has a unique location advantage, adjacent to Jiutai Southern New Town, Shitokoumen Reservoir in Changchun, Yinma River and Longjia International Airport. It is 12 kilometers away from Longjia International Airport, 25 kilometers away from Jiutai, 39 kilometers away from Changchun, and 55 kilometers away from Jilin. Jilin-Changzhou Expressway and Changshi Highway run from east to west. Two provincial highways of 90,000 and Jiujia go directly to north and south. Chang-Ji Intercity High-speed Railway is within easy reach. There is a station 5 kilometers away from the ski resort. Visitors from Chang-Ji city can reach the ski resort in 20 minutes by high-speed rail. The transportation is very convenient.


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